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Housing Sub-Committee Summary Report

Updated: March 2019 

Members of TDSA Housing Sub-committee:

Antonet Orlando (Meta), Arthur Mathews (The Salvation Army Broadview Village), Bryan Keshen (Reena), Ebenezer Rajeevan (Christian Horizons), Frances MacNeil (CLToronto), Paul Bruce (Cota), Raphael Arens (L’Arche), Shay Johnson (Housing Navigator), Susan Bisaillon (Safehaven), Tullio Orlando (Montage)


History To-date:

  • February 2016:Formation of TDSA Housing Sub-committee
  • February 2016: Housing Partnership Template
  • April 2016: TDSA Housing Survey Results
  • April 2016: Introduction Meeting with Build Toronto and Director, City of Toronto Affordable Housing Office (AFO)
  • May 2016: Final approval of Terms of Reference
  • July 2016: Inclusionary Zoning letter for Sean Gadon at City’s AFO
  • July 2016: Cover letter and fact sheet re: Affordable Home Ownership
  • August 2016: Inclusionary Zoning Consultation Feedback
  • October 2016: Literature Review re: The Impact of Housing and Homelessness on Persons with Developmental Disability
  • October 2016: Affordable Housing Information Guide
  • October 2016: TDSA Affordable and Supportive Housing Forum
  • February 2017: Housing Allowances To Maintain Successful Tenancies RFP
  • February 2017: MCSS proposal for contract staff approved
  • May 2017: TDSA Housing Navigator hired
  • May 2017: Inclusive Housing Design session at BUILD Toronto
  • September 2017: Referral Agreement Template
  • September 2017: TDSA Brochure focused on affordable, barrier-free, supportive and inclusive housing
  • November 2017: Confirmed commitment with private developer to explore partnership for Tippett
  • November 2017: TDSA facilitated partnership on RFP for West Don Lands, Grenville and Grosvenor with a private developer, partners from DS and other service areas for a total of 89 units across three locations
  • November 2017:  TDSA public website with Housing Sub-committee and housing-related information launched
  • November 2017: TDSA Housing Forum
    • To-date, the committee members have participated in multiple housing forums at the municipal, provincial and federal levels
  • January 2018: TDSA meeting with Minister Jaczek’s Office re: our work on affordable housing
  • February 2018: updates to TDSA website re: housing-related information
  • February 2018: Contracted Evergreen Housing Action Lab to provide backbone support for our Inclusive Housing Design work which includes enabling progression, profiling our work and formatting information for potential future projects
  • February 2018: TDSA Housing Forum Report
  • March 2018: partnership with OASIS hosting National Housing Strategy Webinar
  • March 2018: Presentation to Housing Task Force for their evaluation report and final recommendations
  • March 2018: Geographic Mapping Report
  • April 2018: TDSA Housing Sub-Committee 2017-18 Summary Report 
  • April 2018:- TDSA HSC Work Plan to MCSS Toronto Region Office with links to applicable reports – attached for submission to MCSS Toronto Region Office
  • May 2018: Development of 2018-19 Work Plan focused on Information Sharing, Community Engagement & Relationship-building and Supporting Inclusive Housing 
  • June 2018: TDSA One Page Summary of Key Issues published on TDSA website as advocacy material to utilize in affordable housing discussions.
  • October 2018: TDSA Housing Sub-Committee presentation at DSO Fair for community engagement purposes and to promote utilization of TDSA website.
  • November 2018: Successful completion of 2018 TDSA Housing Forum, the third Housing Forum hosted by the TDSA Housing Sub-Committee.
  • December 2018: Compiled contact information of current City Councillors and MPPs, based on the main office locations for TDSA member agencies, posted on TDSA website for advocacy purposes.
  • January 2019: TDSA 2018 Housing Forum Report published on TDSA website.
  • March 2019: TDSA Housing Sub-Committee presents completed 2018-19 Work Plan and Final Report to the TDSA and report is made available on TDSA website.

Completed Work Plan Objectives for 2018/19:

Information Sharing –

  • Developing a one-pager clearly outlining our issues, needs and requests for use by TDSA or individual agencies to accompany the TDSA Affordable Housing brochure
  • Maintaining TDSA website with updated, relevant information related to affordable housing and tracking visitors to the website
  • Drafting a survey template to gather and confirm housing-related data to inform our ongoing work

Community Engagement & Relationship-building –

  • Tracking outreach to municipalities and government using TDSA Affordable Housing brochure  and “What We Need” one-pager
  • Following-up on targeted housing projects and linking future housing opportunities to MYRP funding
  • Third Annual Housing Forum – mobilization theme: Advancing Affordable Housing for People with a Developmental Disability

Supporting Inclusive Housing –

  • Working with Evergreen Housing Action Lab and community partners to develop materials for planners, architects and developers focused on Socially Inclusive Housing Design
  • Enabling relationship-building with landlords/property managers
  • Supporting orientation of individuals with a developmental disability interested in learning how to be a tenant


  • Complete 2018/19 Work Plan and dissolve the Housing Sub-Committee
  • Member agencies can utilize the information/outreach materials on the website to continue advocacy efforts for affordable housing
  • Members can connect on an adhoc basis re: any future partnership opportunities